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Testimonial: Gifted Galleries

Gifted Galleries

Hello Bernice

This is Lauren Brenner (ex MWEB Training) and I just wanted to take the time to update you on my comings and goings since our last meeting in March where we did a Talent profile for me. That meeting helped put my head in the right space and I was able to learn a little about myself and where I wanted to be (or NOT be, as is the case – I.e corporate) …

I am very proud to introduce you to my new venture (just over 1 month old) : Gifted Galleries!

I feel that I am (at last) living my true calling as a “creative problem-solver” by creating and offering this service of digitising our kids’ art (truest form of art in my opinion – also my ‘creative’ stroke) and then recycling the material (my problem solving)!

You can check out my website for the full service offering….

Thanks for the difference YOU have made to my life without knowing it ! I will always hold our interaction in a special place.


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